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An investment in our BCA Valet services can pay dividends when it comes to auction prices.  Vehicles that have been prepared for sale sell quicker and at a high CAP performance than others. 

BCA valeted 650,000 vehicles last year and offer a full range of valet services, Machine Operated Polishes (MOP) and specialist services, helping to restore paintwork from light scratches, blemishes and fading, which combined with our valet services will ensure each vehicle is presented for sale in its optimum condition.


  • A range of valet options and services to suit all customer requirements
  • Professional valeting enhances the look and desirability of the vehicle
  • Proven ROI as improved presentation increases buyer interest and CAP performance
  • Well presented cars attract higher first-time sale results
  • Improved beauty shots for improved performance in online sales
  • Buyers have greater confidence in a vehicle that is valeted and presented well
  • A Retail Ready valet adds additional interest from buyers looking for fast stock turn
  • Available at all BCA Remarketing locations 


Wash & Dry exterior of vehicle
Clean & Dress wheels and tyres
Apply polish to exterior paintwork and chrome
Clean all exterior windows, mirrors and lights
Dress exterior plastics, bumpers and mouldings
Wipe clean all door shuts
Remove Road Tar  
Degrease, wash & dress engine and engine compartment  
Degrease & wash wheel arches, door shuts, boot shut and fuel cap  
Detail shuts, engine bay, grills & trims  


Remove all window stickers
Remove all rubbish
Vacuum visible interior including boot
Vacuum spare wheel compartment and under seats  
Wipe clean spare wheel-well  
Wipe clean dashboard and centre console
Clean & detail all interior plastics, door panels and seat runners  
Clean floor mats  
Remove floor mats, place in boot
Clean carpets & upholstery (with wet vac if required)  
Clean all interior windows and mirrors
Empty ash trays and storage compartments
Clean ash trays and storage compartments  
Replace all documents in glove box or passenger door pocket
Insert paper floor mats
Apply odour neutralising spray to headlining  

Dust Off

Vehicles brought back to appropriate standard within 1 hour of sale start time. Re-dressing trims, tyres, detailing shuts and using restorative products on bodywork, if required.


For further information on BCA Valet download the Product Brief.



  • Increased CAP performance
  • More first time conversions
  • Improve brand perception
  • Improved ‘beauty shots’
  • Vehicle can be sold quicker – increasing stock churn


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