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Specialist Services

Trade Name Deletion

Removing livery and signage is essential on any vehicle before it is offered for sale. Last year BCA carried out Trade Name Deletions on over 22,000 vehicles.  Our comprehensive range of Trade Name Deletions will remove any sticker from any vehicle.  To maximise the results, combining this with a Ghosting Removal or machine polish will ensure all evidence of the vehicles previous use is deleted, leaving a ‘blank canvas’ for the potential purchaser.


Rubbish Disposal

Often a car or LCV  will arrive at one of our auction centres with excessive litter inside.  Rubbish, old packaging and waste will be in the cab, in the footwells or in the boot.  To ensure the vehicle is presented at its best, to maximise buyer appeal and help it sell first time whilst maximising its value in auction, it is necessary to remove this rubbish – particularly where the vehicle is to be valeted.  BCA offer a waste disposal service whereby this rubbish is removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.



  • Increased CAP performance
  • More first time conversions
  • Improve brand perception
  • Improved ‘beauty shots’
  • Vehicle can be sold quicker – Increasing stock churn


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