BCA Driver Sales

Who do you sell to?

Initial contact is made with the lease holder (driver/hirer) but the option to purchase is open to friends/family/colleagues etc. of the driver. On average 70-80% of vehicles are sold to a third party meaning that renewals are not impacted.

What data do you require?

We require a regular fleet file containing vehicle/customer details, which is usually provided to us monthly, to enable us to effectively market your customers and provide this service.

Is the vehicle quotation website secure?

All the Driver Sales Quotation websites are secure: https with a SHA2 certificate.

Customers need to enter some personal information to obtain a quotation; name, address, email and phone number, however no personal information is ever returned / displayed on the websites.

How do we measure performance of this channel?

A suite of weekly and monthly reports are provided allowing you to regularly track the performance versus other remarketing channels.

Are you able to allow for quotation exceptions?

We are able to add functionalities to the quote tool/website which only allow vehicles to be quoted within agreed criteria (minimum days to contact end/mileage/age etc.)

How can we minimise aftersales queries?

All vehicles can be sold with an extended mechanical guarantee.

Can this work alongside our existing remarketing channels and disposals processes?

Yes, we will work with you to ensure that our processes compliment and work with any existing remarketing programmes that you already have in place and continue to run seamlessly.