BCA Bodyshop

With BCA, we present your vehicles in the right condition so they can sell faster and achieve optimum prices.  Vehicles looking their best attract significantly higher buyer interest leading to more first time conversions and an increased CAP performance.

Buyers prefer vehicles that are well prepared as they are able to advertise and retail a vehicle quicker if it has been repaired and refurbished by BCA, improving stock churn and cash flow.

Unfortunately some vehicles arrive at auction damaged beyond the scope of a standard Smart Repair.  Consequently they are marked down in their vehicle Condition Grading and attract less interest from buyers, negatively affecting their CAP performance.

BCA has invested in onsite Bodyshop facilities allowing us to quickly and efficiently repair damaged vehicles, improving their Condition Grade, making them more desirable to buyers and driving their CAP performance and first time conversions.   Furthermore, a ready to retail vehicle helps buyers by reducing time to sale and improving stock churn.


  • Onsite bodyshop services
  • Paint repairs and resprays
  • Full panel repairs
  • Comprehensive vehicle refurbishment services
  • All work carried out to industry recognised used vehicle standards


For further information on BCA Bodyshop download the Product Brief