BCA Assured

BCA Assured is a 40+ point mechanical Inspection undertaken by skilled inspectors at our network of Remarketing Centres across the UK.

The report gives you a snapshot of a vehicle’s mechanical condition at the point in time when the assessment took place

We have updated our Terms and Conditions and our BCA Reports now have 40+ checksRead More

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BCA Assured /
BCA Assured EV / Hybrid Guide

  • Have confidence in your purchase - We have devised the report to give you increased confidence when buying a car, giving you honest information about the mechanical condition of the vehicle, at time of assessment.
  • Impartial vehicle assessments - All the reports are carried out independently by highly skilled inspectors, so you can be sure of an unbiased condition assessment.
  • Easy to access report information - Reports are available to view pre sale online at bca.co.uk. In hall you can see the report on the vehicle windscreens before and during a sale.**
  • Time to check over your purchased vehicle - We are confident that you wont need to, but you do have 48 hours or up to 500 miles (whichever comes first) from the vehicle leaving a BCA site, or from vehicle delivery if the vehicle is being delivered by BCA, to check over the vehicle.
  • There when you need us - We have a dedicated customer service team to deal with questions and the unlikely event that you have to make a claim.


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**On qualifying vehicles only.  See What vehicles are included section for more information on what vehicles qualify for BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid assessments.


Read more in the BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid Guide.