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With a Search or BCA Live Online log-in you can view and manage:

About Buying

  • View and buy exclusive 'Offsite' vehicles, only available to buy online

  • Buy vehicles without leaving your office

  • Bid and buy in BCA Live Online auctions broadcast live over the web




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Appraise and value vehicles, then sell them either online or at a BCA auction centre:

About Selling

  • Accurate, consistent appraisal of vehicles

  • Automatic pricing to help you value your stock

  • Sell vehicles in online sales, while still on your forecourt




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Classic MyBCA Tools

with a MyBCA log-in you have access to:

About Classic MyBCA tools

  • As a vendor track and view the status of your vehicles at BCA, including invoice details

  • Keep on top of your purchases at BCA including buyer fee information

  • As a vendor, you can view information throughout the remarketing process including vehicle documents, inspection reports and images