BCA Search

Watch our step by step video on how to filter your search results or read our full guide below:

If you want to be more specifc on your search criteria to find your vehicle then you can filter your search by multiple categories including Make, Model, Price, Auction Centre etc. Body Colour has also now been added.

For example choose the specific Make, Model and Grade of the vehicle. If you are happy with your chosen filters click "View results" and all available vehicles matching your search crtieria will be displayed.

New feature - Any "Recently Added" vehicles will now be added at the top of your search results as shown below. These are vehicles that have been added to BCA Search in the last 24 hours so you know what is new.

You can also sort your search results depending on your requirements including a new sort filter for "Recently Added Vehicles".
Filtering results in BCA Search

 Vehicle Lot details

Once you have sorted your results you will be shown all the lot details for each vehicle that BCA currently has in stock. Here you can click on a vehicle to see the full details.

  • Where the vehicle is located e.g. BCA Leeds
  • Who the vendor is e.g. Moneybarn
  • Whether the vehicle has a BCA Assured Report – this is an independent multi-point vehicle check carried out at each remarketing centre.  The inspectors make over 30 checks on the vehicle to make sure as a buyer you have accurate information and complete transparency of the mechanical condition of the vehicle.
  • Whether the vehicle has a Condition Report – The purpose of this report is to identify and describe any interior or exterior defects on a vehicle; based on the severity of these defects the vehicle will be given a BCA grade between 1 and 5. This is not a mechanical check.

  • By using the “Print All” button, the website will produce a PDF catalogue that you can then save or send to your printer, and take to the auction hall.  Alternatively, use the “Export All” option which generates a spreadsheet containing all the vehicle details.
  • You also have the option to Save the Search and be notified when more vehicles matching your search criteria are added.